Word of Mouth: HGC x Christina Min: Fall into Beauty

October 12, 2016

Editor’s Note:

It’s time for autumn weather which means crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and most importantly- FALL BEAUTY products! This month, our Korea-based HGC Word of Mouth contributor, Christina Min talks about her favorite HGC-approved beauty products that look good, do good and give back. Min is the founder of WITH MY, a socially conscious company based in South Korea that sells lemonade-flavored toothpaste and other social-good goodies.

At House of G&C, we love her because of her classic style and keen eye for conscious products that are both functional and fashionable. This month, Min reviews her must-have beauty goodies for Fall! Check out Christina’s previous Word of Mouth: HGC x Christina Min posts on Summer Dresses and Bold Summer Accessories.


Christina and her pup Soonshik

Christina and her pup Soonshik


Freeset canvas totes

Fall into Beauty: Best Buys for Products that Give

By: Christina Min

Here (FINALLY) comes fall! Korea has distinct four seasons and our autumns bring beautifully coloured leaves and cool breezy nights. I’m most excited about my Freeset pouches which are easy to match any outfit, AND a few of my beauty must-haves including 100% Lip Tint, Savannah Bee Company Salve, Ecco Bella Mascara and Beauty Without Cruelty concealer.

Read: No more sweaty make up melt-downs! Here are some products that will help you stay radiant and beautiful from inside out!


100% Pure Lip Tint

100% Pure Lip Tint

100% Pure Cosmetics: Lip Tint

Silicon Valley based organic cosmetic company 100% Pure was initially started in a farmhouse in Napa, CA. They use 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free ingredients to make amazing beauty products. Not only are their ingredients natural (color from fruit pigments! preservatives from Honeysuckle!) but even their offices are run by 100% solar energy. Now that’s impressive. They also partner up with a new Charity organization each month. Their lip tints are among my favorite products—who wants to lick off artificial Red No.30 off their lips? No thank you!

Shop 100% Pure Cosmetics products here.

Ecco Beauty Mascara

Ecco Beauty Mascara

Ecco Bella Mascara

My mom always said, “even if you don’t put on any make up, never forget your lips and a bit of mascara”. And to follow her tip, I turn to Ecco Bella mascara. Ecco Bella was founded in 1992 by Sally Malanga, an animal activist. Ecco Bella, meaning “Behold Beautiful!” was actually the result of her disgust with the cosmetic industry’s animal testing while volunteering at ‘Friend of Animals’. Ecco Bella monitors closely to source everything from ethical suppliers and on top of all that, they partner with the organisation American Forests to plant trees every month.

Shop Ecco Bella products here.


Beauty Without

Beauty Without Cruelty

Beauty Without Cruelty Concealer

Lighter make up makes good concealers a necessity! BWC concealer is my choice for light but thorough cover up. BWC was started in 1963 in England. They have spent endless effort and time perfecting color cosmetics without the use of any animal testing or ingredients. Not only are BWC products vegan, paraben free and cruelty free, but they also use 100% pure premium Oshadhi Essential oils.

Shop Beauty Without Cruelty products here.


Savannah Bee lip and nail salve

Savannah Bee Company Salve

Chilly weather sometimes causes dry skin. Especially nowadays when fall quickly turns into winter. And everyone knows the amazing moisturising effects of honey! Savannah Bee Company started as a seller of ethically made pure honey. They quickly expanded to personal products. I had no idea who Savannah Bee company was when I picked up this Salve at a ‘Mom’s’ in CA last November. And it hasn’t left my purse since! I can’t wait to visit the States again to pick up some more of their products. The founder also runs ‘Bee Cause’—an NGO that donates beehives and educates our next generation to coexist and respect bees (and nature!)

Shop Savannah Bee Company products here.

Freeset Pouch

And where do I keep my beauty goodies? Freeset was actually THE brand that got me interested in products that give back. And this was the actual product that introduced me to Freeset. Founded in 2001, Freeset is a social venture located in Sonagacchi, the largest sex district in Kolkota, India. They employ the women in the district to make organic cotton shirts and bags, and therefore empowering and freeing these women and their families. A true inspiration.

Shop Freeset pouches here.

To follow Min on her journey, stay in touch with her here. Min is passionate about animal rights, supporting the empowerment of young girls, preserving the environment, fashion for good businesses, and much more. Find Min’s WITH MY brand on Instagram here: @ShareWithMY, and save this Amazon shopping link (WITH MY lemonade toothpaste will be available now!)


All photos provided by Christina Min of WITH MY unless otherwise noted

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