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August 16, 2017

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It’s August, and the summer weather of Los Angeles is still upon us and guess what? We’re definitely not complaining! This month’s Word of Mouth HGC x Charity Girl Problems column features some of Brooke’s (and my) favorite brands that look good, do good AND give back too fight hunger. For fun summertime picks that are also perfect for Back to School, this month’s focus is on learning more about the food scarcity issue in the United States and how we can do good and give back together.

From Half United necklaces to Bentgo’s easy to use lunch boxes (easy to organize and to throw in a travel bag) to our long time favorite, FEED Projects, there’s a lot of HGC-approved items to stock up on!

All photos by Charity Girl Problems


Fighting Hunger in Fashion, the Charity Girl Problems Way

By Brooke Marston

There’s something about summer that is magical. No matter how many years of adulthood pass us by, the moment the calendar transitions from May to June, then June to July, and the turning of the page (or digital update in this day and age) remains a symbol of summertime freedom. As “adults” (I use that term loosely, because – honestly – who really wants to use that term seriously??), we may no longer get to enjoy the dog days of summer attending camps or spending all day in the pool. But who among us doesn’t check out mentally (for at least for a few days) for a summer vacation before the end of July breezes by us. PS – If you don’t have your hand raised right now, I see you and I call your bluff. We’ve all spent a Friday (or two) pretending to work while actually spending the day on Pinterest planning the perfect summer vacation adventure paired with the ultimate summer cocktail. We’re all friends here.

But really though – share those summer vacation ideas and cocktail recipes – it’s what a friend would do. While most of us are able to look forward to summer and the promise of freedom + adventure that it holds, not everyone is lucky enough anticipate the “freedom” summer brings. In fact, for the more 17.5 million Americans will experience food insecurity this year, with the summer months being especially stressful, as food programs like National School Lunch Program are put on pause until the school year resumes.

Hunger in the US is a complex issue, with many layers. When we hear the word “hunger,” most of us think of needs pertaining to those who live on the streets with little to no access to food. But a large majority of the hunger population falls under the “Food Insecure” banner. That means that they might be able to afford a house and basic life necessities, but they still cannot afford to buy or run out of money for food every month. A majority of these families rely on these programs to help feed their kids the meals they cannot afford. But what happens when school is out for the summer – or any holiday for that matter? Who helps these families who run out of money for food each month?

Sadly, six out of seven low-income kids who eat a free or reduced price lunch during the school year do not have access to these meals once the school year is over (or on vacation). And half of the kids receiving a free or reduced-price lunch also receive a free or reduced-price breakfast as well. Imagine eating only one meal a day for three months.

I’m dedicating this month’s Favorite Things spotlight to highlighting brands + organizations that are stepping up and addressing hunger and food insecurity. They do so in their own unique way, but their collective goal is the same – addressing and resolving our global hunger crisis.

>>For Better Not Worse: For every shirt you purchase from For Better Not Worse, a bag of groceries is donated. Founder Patricc Reed works closely with the LA Unified School District to identify the families who most need the help. And ps – this is most definitely one of the softest shirts I own! Check out the website to shop and find out more about For Better Not Worse.

>>Cheeky: Not only does Cheeky make adorable paper goods, they also make chic dinnerware, and a darling kids + baby line. And for every product purchased, they donate a meal to Saving America + No Kid Hungry. Check out the Cheeky story and shop here, Cheeky.

brooke 7 - bentgo close up

>>Bentgo: For those who bring their lunch to work (or school!), Bentgo is a colorful and creative way to reduce your carbon foot print while also giving back. For every flagship product sold (i.e. Bentgo original, Salad, or Kids) 5% of the sales are donated to Feed The Children. Visit the Bentgo site to shop for more styles and playful colors here.

>>Feed Projects: After touring the world with the World Food Programme, Feed Founder Lauren Bush Lauren created Feed Projects to provide meals for the people most impacted by food insecurity and malnutrition – kids. Every bag purchase donates school meals to kids in the US and around the world. Click here to shop new FEED styles for Fall!

Half United: Playing off the symbolism bullets have with fighting, siblings Carmin + Christian Black decided to make jewelry out bullet casings as a way for people to join the fight against hunger. Every product purchase provides meals to a child in need, between their three charity partners. Check out the Half United bullet necklaces and learn more about how you can help on the website, HalfUnited.

Love all of these picks! To find out more about Brooke and her HGC-approved look good, do and give back story, visit her website here. Check out more Word of Mouth HGC x Charity Girl Problems columns here. Make sure to follow Brooke’s blog Charity Girl Problems and read more about her give back picks, visit her website at: www.charitygirlproblems.com and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on her fashion, style, and home picks that give back.


All photos by Charity Girl Problems


All photos courtesy of Charity Girl Problems 

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