Around Town LA: Beautify Earth’s concert & live art fundraiser beautifies the West Side

July 11, 2014

logoJoin me tonight at Cross Campus in Santa Monica for the Beautify Earth fundraising event and concert, an art and community inspired passion project. So what does all this mean?

Beauty Earth’s mission is to help paint the world in color- to paint 1 million walls in five years. The project’s goal is to transform underdeveloped or rundown areas into interesting, artistic, and appealing places to work, travel, and visit, and simply by increasing the quality of life and standards of living in these areas. Art is just the beginning. The passion project was conceived and originally funded by Executive Director Evan Meyer. And the initiative started on Lincoln Boulevard in the city of Santa Monica, CA. initially, Meyer had set out to prove that anyone is capable of making change and that the reward of giving back is inherently the highest form of compensation. Today, Beautify Earth is in a variety of cities bringing the values of caring, live art, beautiful color and love every where.


Beautify Earth has become an ongoing community project dedicated to making the world a better place, by bringing color to neighborhoods and streets. Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, Heidelberg Street in Detroit, MI are areas that have been transformed due to public art and organic growth and investment. More about how Beautify Earth works:

Beautify Earth further provides and encourages:

*  greening, gardening and landscaping
*  parks, lots and streetscapes
*  community building
*  art education
*  creative expression (e.g. dance, music, poetry, etc.)
*  street clean-up programs
*  removing tagging or etched glass, etc.
*  home grown community service projects and activities

Imagine being able to take abandoned properties in your local neighborhood and being able to beautify them with fresh ideas, creative colors and awe-inspiring images. Maybe you’re not an artist or mural painter, but you can contribute. You can donate to help purchase supplies, you can volunteer, or like me, you can simply attend a fun concert event like tonight’s event! The event will be held at Santa Monica’s Cross Campus location: 929 Colorado, Santa Monica, 90401.

The concert series lineup:
8pm  Lobo Man
9pm Story of the Running Wolf
10pm iPunx
11pm Michael Stackhouse

After party details  to be announced on Facebook.

So if you’re free tonight- stop by and check out some great live music, live art, and help beautify LA. Get tickets here:


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