Fall/Holiday Photo Shoot 2017: Heavy Metals for the Holidays

January 17, 2018



Editor’s Note:

What a year 2017 has been! Life has been full of ups and downs, but mostly things to be excited about. Between desparately hunting for a new apartment in LA to getting this new apartment and working on new creative endeavors, the blog took a little bit of a break from summer into late fall. As you guys may or may not know, music and suicide prevention are two things that are very close to my heart. So when I lost a friend to suicide this summer, I had a really hard time adjusting to my day to day routine, because my life would not be so normal again. One of my favorite HGC-approved brands, To Write Love on Her Arms, created a World Suicide Prevention Day line to create awareness and to learn how to take action during Suicide Prevention Month-so of course that would be a must-share collection to feature in the lastest HGC 2017 Fall Photo Shoot.

I was excited to attend the Route 91 Music Festival in one of my favorite cities and bring our HGC team, but thankfully plans did NOT work out, so our HGC team did not attend. But the devastating events that took place in Vegas were horriyfing and my heart goes out to all the families and friends of those affected. If you’d like to donate or find out more information, please visit: Vegas Strong: Unity Forever. Words seriously cannot describe what a tough year 2017 has been, not just for me personally, but all over the country.

But with no further delay, with the end of 2017 coming to a close, I wanted to continue on the journey of sharing all these HGC-approved brands that look good, do good and give back with you to help inspire change, and focus on the upcoming New Year and spirit of spreading love and light.

HGC-approved brands that may be new to you, (but timeless favorites of mine)- including To Write Love on Her Arms, Alex & Ani, Project Bead, and The Brave Collection.

And I wanted to introduce you to new brands- handmade with love and sustainable- Jili Jewels from Los Angeles and Keane New York from NYC. Made in USA designs from Colin Lynch of KEANE New York are gorgeous, minimalistic art pieces made from hand-blown glass with unique sands from a variety international beaches, including the ones in this shoot. Jilli Jewels are each unique and handmade in Los Angeles, designed with love and positive energy. These line’s beautiful & healing gemstones are known to seek out their future owners.

Excited for more House of G&C and friends projects to come in 2018.

Much love always,

Please note: Welcome – and THANK YOU to our newest HGC models, Stephanie and Chanel! This shoot was shot in November so we were lucky to get some cool days to shoot with short sleeves!


group 1


HGC model Mo wears TWLOHA “Stay”Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign shirt, and Keane Vial (Punaluu sand necklace) . 

>> The Brave Collection-  Brave Collection founder, Jessica Hendricks Yee was exposed to design and travel from a young age,  and being fascinated by indigenous cultures and spirituality, she traveled to Cambodia to teach English during college.  Yee fell in love with the culture but fell heartbroken by the violent past of the small Buddhist country in the wake of genocide and harsh realities of human trafficking. She partnered with local artisans to create a gorgeous line with woven, metals and gemstone collections that celebrates the Buddhist culture and spirit and also supports artisans with her Fair Trade certified brand.

Click to Shop: My favorites include the woven necklaces and Brave bracelets and also the Compass Chain Necklace. Brave Collection prices range from $45-175

 >> Jilli Jewels- Jilli Jewels are each unique and handmade in Los Angeles. All one of a kind pieces are designed with love by designer Jill Williams, whose positive energy and light touch every facet of the collection. These line’s beautiful & healing gemstones are known to seek out their future owners.

Click to Shop: Jilli Jewels unique styles can be found in store at RonRobinson Melrose, online, or Instagram @jillijewels. Prices start at $195 and up


HGC models Mo, Chanel and Stephanie: Left: Mo wears TWLOHA Music is a Safe Place tee and KEANE New York Vial necklace, Chanel wears The Brave Collection woven necklace and Project Bead Niikoi Necklace, Stephanie wears Project Bead bracelets and Jilli Jewels Tiger Iron necklace

>> KEANE New York - I first discovered Keane New York at RonRobinson Melrose, that showcases up and coming brands that emphasize design and high fashion. The Keane New York line offers gorgeous, hand-blown glass pieces of art in a variety of styles. From edgy, avant garde- to easy-breezy Boho personalities, Keane jewelry offers a one of kind gift for any woman or man in your life.

Click to Shop: I wanted to feature my favorite style, the Vial necklace which is classic and simple. In the shoot, we’ve featured the Vial Punaluu necklace with sand from Hawai’i, the Vial Montauk with orange sand from Montauk New York and also the Vial Gold Leaf, prices start at $195 USD.

HGC Fall Winter 2017

>> Project Bead: This education-focused brand is dedicated to alleviating world poverty through education. Project Bead was founded by seven friends who envision a world with less poverty and hatred, and more opportunity and education. Bracelets are made from recycled glass beads and made by female artisans in Ghana.

Click to Shop: Project Bead offers bracelets, necklaces and other small accessories, $12-16


hgc steph wears asdsad with bracelets and  Jilli Jewels....

New HGC model Stephanie wears Project Bead bracelets, Hepburn and Wanderlut styles (start at $12 USD) and Jilli Jewels tiger iron neckace, one of kind pieces, prices start at $200 USD and up


>> To Write Love on Her Arms- I can’t say how much I love the purpose of this brand. As someone who has experienced a loved one commit suicide recently, I really don’t know how else to support this brand other than to continue to promote it and share it because it’s existence to promote hope, love and suicide awareness is priceless. TWLOHA has been featured in House of G&C fashion photo shoots annually since 2013.

Click to Shop: TWLOHA ranges from $4-60 USD

Kindness is Always Fashionable. - Rachel Rachel Roy benefits children in Africa to fighter hunger

Kindness is Always Fashionable. – Rachel Rachel Roy benefits children in Africa to fight hunger. Project Bead styles: Hepburn, Wanderlust and Solid Rock. For pricing, please contact @houseofgandc 


Handsome HGC model Mo rocks the To Write Love on Her Arms tee, “Love is still the most powerful force on the planet”


Pretty HGC model Chanel wears The Brave Collection adjustable choker, $78 USD

sdsad Chanel Rachel Rachel Roy

HGC model Chanel looking pretty in Project Bead, Jilli Jewels of Los Angeles and Rachel Rachel Roy clutch


Stay tuned for House of G&C Pop-Up Store in Los Angeles, coming soon 2018!!

For more info on how to particpate or get featured on the blog, contact us: houseofgandc@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram for updates: @HouseofGandC


All photos by Melissa Wong of House of G&C unless otherwise noted 

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