Designer GOODS: Wearing upcycled cans because we CAN DO GOOD together

March 13, 2015
I love this shot. For anyone who's a creator, writer, designer, or artist...this is view of someone who's got a lot of work ahead, but even double the success to come!

I love this shot. For anyone who’s a creator, writer, designer, or artist…this view probably looks familiar.  I see it as someone who’s got a lot of work ahead, but even double the success to come!

The name says it all. Literally. Canned GOODS re-purposes tin cans into beautiful look good, do good, give back jewelry. And for every item purchased, Canned GOODS donates one can of food through the CAN DO GOOD program. Pretty cool. In fact, all of these upcycled accessories are handmade in Denver, CO and give back to the community. There was no way I wasn’t going to share this new brand with my HGC friends and family! To add to that, there’s even a little love story behind Canned GOODS founder and designer Thomas Paul Althaus’s budding new brand.

So how did the name and concept come to be? The company started shortly after one day when Thomas was thinking of a 10 year anniversary gift for his wife. Tin was the traditional gift, and he couldn’t find anything that spoke to him so he decided he was going to create something beautiful for her. After cutting and hammering away at a tin can, his 10 year anniversary gifts were made; and the first pair of CANNED GOODS earrings and bracelet were born.

Absolutely beautiful and absolutely upcycled. Love the whole Canned GOODS concept!

Absolutely beautiful and absolutely upcycled. Love the whole Canned GOODS concept.


Seeing double! It’s Friday- TGIF- excited to show off my new Canned GOODS cuffs! Photo by HGC from left: New Keyhole collection Silver wrap cuff and right: L Cuff in white with silver stripes. Shop cuffs here.

The Canned GOODS designer takes a few minutes to talk to me about the latest Spring/Summer ’15 designs (now available online and in stores), new products on the horizon for 2015 and his favorite design inspirations:
HGC: I love your Canned Goods back story. And I love that your wife and family loved the accessories too! Can you tell me about some of your best sellers? And your favorite types of pieces that you enjoy making?
Thomas Paul Althaus: Best Sellers? Easy answer…new designs! Otherwise it varies from retailer to retailer, but designs sell the best based on what the retailer’s staff is wearing and feels passionate about.  Often times what the staff wears…sells.  So we partner with the retailers and make sure each staff member has at least one piece to wear, everywhere…in and out of their shop.
My favorite pieces to make:  Again, Easy answer…new designs.  Otherwise…the original designs (PRISM Earrings and CUFF-L) will probably always be my favorite because those were the two pieces I gave to my wife for our 10th Anniversary (traditional gift is tin)…which started this whole thing.  It feels so good to put those ten punch mark in the inside of each CUFF-L because it reminds me of CG’s beginning.
HGC: Giving back is so great- what charities have you partnered with? How many cans has CG been able to donate since the company’s inception? Or do you have any goals in 2015 to raise money/awareness for a specific charity?
TPA: We are not married to one charity, but so far we have given to the Metro CareRing - in Denver.  As our sales in other states increase we plan to give to charities within each state.  We’ve been able to donate over 1,200 cans in just over one year of business…this makes us feel so good.  We have a lot of great plans in place for 2015 that we anticipate will enable us to give substantially more.
HGC: Currently you have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and ornaments. Did you have previous jewelry or metalsmithing trade experience?
TPA: My experience with jewelry making or metalsmithing was limited because I had never made jewelry, but it was also limitless because it was all in my imagination.  I’ve always loved studying all types of fashion.  My girl cousins always had VOGUE, ELLE, GLAMOUR, etc lying around.  I loved the magazines too.   And, I have always loved creating with my hands.  I grew up on a farm so hard, creative, physical work is a way of life.   CANNED GOODS has allowed me to fulfill so many of my passions.
HGC: Do you have new products, or new stockists/partners planned for 2015?
TPA: We are introducing some great new earring and cuff designs for SS2015…and are finalizing FW2015.  We also plan on introducing cuff-links, tie bars and money clips very soon.  We will be adding new Stockists in cities throughout the country/world as interest is generated.
Thomas and I share a love of good design AND Martin Luther King Jr. quotes!

Thomas and I share a love of good design AND Martin Luther King Jr. quotes!

HGC: Since starting in 2013, what have you enjoyed most about this design venture?
TPA: Easy Answer…Almost everything.  Otherwise…I love to tell our stories:  What we’re made out of.  How we started.  How we give back.  How we CAN DO GOOD Together.
HGC: Who are some of your favorite design inspirations/idols?
TPA:  Too many to completely list.
1. The World Around Me…architecture, nature, art, photography, music, elements of almost anything, fashion runways, fashion history, memories, so many people around me…all of these things have, do and continue to shape me.
2. And to the core – My Mother, my Father and my Wife.  My Mother has given me a lifetime of fashion training.  My Father has instilled in me the skills and the patience to design and make.  My Wife is the inspiration – behind the first design, every design and every piece made by CANNED GOODS.
HGC: I love it! Excited to see the new tie bars, money clips and more of my favorite cuffs- in new designs for Fall 2015. Don’t forget to stop by the Canned GOODS website for more information

What a pretty behind-the-scenes pic of one of the newest Spring/Summer ’15 Keyhole collection earring designs in gold.

To shop the full CANNED GOODS collection, please visit:, and don’t forget follow Thomas on his adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Prices for most items range from $28-38 USD. Prices may vary. If you’re located in or around Denver, CO, check out these stockists. Or, if you want to shop online, check out more stores here.


Beautiful full line display of Canned GOODS cuffs, earrings, and necklaces


Click on LINK ON SHOP: Pretty L Cuff in Silver, $38 USD 



Repost pic from 9News Denver from reporter Kyle Dyer (left), designer Thomas Paul Althaus (center) and his lovely wife and inspiration


Another great shot and re-post of these #tincanglam + #upcycled accessories from Plum Consignment 


Yay! Happy Friday please! Loving my Canned GOODS cuffs! (Photo by HGC from Left: New Keyhole Silver wrap cuff, and Right: L Cuff in white with silver stripes)


LOVE these White HOT new pieces from the Spring/Summer ’15 collection, L Cuff in White, $38  and Ribbon Earrings in White, $34 . Click on links to shop.


More behind the scenes of these designed for good pieces! 


Love it! And I couldn’t agree more!


All photos courtesy of Canned GOODS unless otherwise noted

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