HGC Vegas Edition: Cause of the Day: Shopping at Alex and Ani on the Miracle Mile

June 26, 2014


Last week I was in Las Vegas covering the Licensing Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. It was a quick 3 day trip, but on my last day I just had to stop by the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. Initially, I went to grab an iced coffee at McDonald’s, but I’m SO glad I walked past the directory! I saw an Alex and Ani ad on the side of the directory and knew I had to find the store.

alex 8

I’d always been a fan of Alex and Ani (+Energy) bangles since the day I saw them at Bloomingdale’s and learned that they offered an extensive Charity by Design collection. Last Thursday was my lucky day, because I met Sarah and Talor who showed me around and helped me find the perfect Alex and Ani bangle mix.

Alex and Ani believes in the power of positive energy, a core company principle. Their company mission is to share the benefits of positive energy through the unique beauty and symbolism of their products ranging from signature bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, candles and other fun accessories. Store director Sarah Abad-Ravina even showed me that inside each display case there are hidden crystals which help maintain that positive energy source throughout the store and mirror the positive company ethos. Below I try on a bunch of bangles in both silver and gold finishes.

Some of Sarah’s bangles include: Compass bangle, Disneyland bangle, Rhode Island bangle and an assortment of bangles from the Paint the Town collection.

Some of Talor’s bangles include: Vintage Sixty-six classic collection, Living Water charity bangle, Peace of Mind charity bangle and Natural Wonders collection.


The charity bangle on display at the store was the Peace of Mind bangle with proceeds going to benefit the PeaceLove Foundation. Through December 2014, 20% of proceeds received by Alex and Ani from selling the Peace of Mind bangle, with a minimum donation of $20,000, will be donated to the PeaceLove Foundation , a creative voice for mental illness, which offers life-changing expressive arts workshops to communities in need. PeaceLove is the first symbol of hope and support for the millions impacted by mental illness.

After 30 minutes…I made the executive decision that I could not buy the entire store and that I should probably settle on my top 3 choices.  I ended up going with the Mother Mary bangle, the Living Water charity bangle, and the Compass bangle. I’m a big geek when it comes to words, jewelry and tattoos, so I felt empowered to get each of these bracelets because they represent an important meaning in my life. On the bracelet packaging, each piece has a unique description and I couldn’t have explained each one any better.

Mother  Mary- Grace, Compassion and Hope: Blessed among women, Mother Mary represents extraordinary faith and the divine grace necessary to sacrifice everything. The epitome of love and mercy, she reminds that the benefits of faith are infinite. Turn to Mother Mary as a source of hope and comfort in troubling times.

Compass- Objective, Direction and Transition: An instrumental aid, a compass provides guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. Each cardinal direction has a significant meaning. North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and the past. Wear the compass charm to guide you in the right direction.

Living Water- Purity, Healing and Reflection: Everything begins with water. It is the most precious resource that supports life in all of its forms. A purifying symbol, the Living Water charm was created for daily reflection, leading us to the type of compassion and healing that quenches the thirst of the world. Through December 2014, 20% of proceeds received by Alex & Ani (with a minimum of $25,000) will be donated to Living Water International to support their work of helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water. For more info visit: www.water.cc.


Bangles range from $28-$58 USD. To check out the collection, visit: www.alexandani.com, and check out the latest Charity by Design the Sunflower charity bangle, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. If you haven’t heard of these bangles, I definitely recommend you check out your closest Bloomingdale’s or department store. I know I just started my own collection, but I have a feeling the collection will double in the coming months….



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