Cause of the Day: Pura Vida Bracelets, Arm candy for all

September 04, 2014


I always thought the beachy-Bohemian layered bracelet look was only for surfer girls and beach bums but most recently, I’ve discovered I can make it work! I had seen Pura Vida Bracelets in boutique stores and through my favorite online marketplace Enrou, but I decided to give in and order a bunch for the Fall House of G&C photoshoot. A few days later I received my order and even a few weeks later, I’m still super stoked about all of my Pura Vida charity bracelets. My favorites include: 1Love Braided, LGBT Pride Awareness Platinum, HoneyLove, and my Typhoon Haiyan Relief bracelet. All charity bracelets range from $5-$15 each or you can purchase style packs for $30 and up.


L to R: Loving my Pura Vida LGBT Pride Awareness Platinum, Cotton On Foundation Suubi bangle, Pura Vida HoneyLove, 1Love Braided, and Typhoon Haiyan Relief


Not sure how to wear them? Check out the fun Instagram Love page for fun ideas and upload your own pics!

More about Pura Vida: The company started out with two friends Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, who were on a college graduation trip going from from San Diego to Costa Rica. They met two local artists, Jorge and Joaquin, who made handmade bracelets to support themselves and their families. Upon returning to San Diego, Thall and Goodman put the bracelets they bought into a local boutique and they sold out immediately. Looking to find a way to help make a difference, the guys put together a plan to work with Jorge and Joaquin to help grow their business and to help them both become more financially independent.  Today both Jorge and Joaquin own their own homes and work with an entire team of artisans producing over 20,000 bracelets a week.
The Pura Vida Charity bracelet collection started in 2013 and has since donated over $140,000 to 190+ charity organizations. For more info, or to shop, visit:
The next few bracelets on my Wishlist are:
- Whole Planet Foundation Bracelet
- Vegan Outreach Bracelet 
- Organic Seed Alliance Bracelet
- Anti-Domestic Violence Bracelet
- Billion Baby Turtles Platinum 
Other Pura Vida products include: keychains, festival bags, anklets, snapbacks, iPhone cases and more.
Check out the Pura Vida best sellers here. Stay tuned for more photos of my favorite Pura Vida Bracelets in the Fall 2014 House of G&C photoshoot next week and Fall HGC Shopping Awareness event in Los Angeles!
All photos courtesy of Pura Vida Bracelets unless otherwise noted. 
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