Cause of the Day: Nashelle’s GRACE touches hearts and helps fight cancer

January 14, 2016


About a year ago, I discovered the amazing Nashelle accessories line while walking the trade show floors in Las Vegas. I fell in love with the brand’s gorgeous handmade jewelry and feeding hunger promise. This Bend, Oregon based line has an admirable pay it forward mission: to help those in its’ community and beyond. With each Nashelle purchase, you are giving back by helping feed or clothe a child, support local schools or even aid a family with unexpected medical expenses. Nashelle’s founder Heather Straw started the business about 15 years ago and is inspired women of all walks of life. Her unique designs take the shape of feminine, delicate and lively collections that truly embody her free spirit that is full of love, energy and compassion.

In addition to the feeding hunger mission, Straw and her team at Nashelle have created seven unique collections and a special Nashelle Shop For a Cause line. To learn more about these HGC-approved pieces, click here to shop.

We loved these Nashelle pieces so much, we featured a few of them in our Summer 2015 photoshoot. We love the Pay it Forward bracelets, the Speak Love Not Hate Identity Necklace, and the latest addition to the Nashelle Shop for a Cause collection, the Graced by Charlotte Necklace.

This new piece is dedicated to supporting little Charlotte Grace’s fight against high risk stage 4 Neuroblastoma. What is Neuroblastoma? It’s a malignant tumor composed of neuroblasts most commonly found in adrenal glands. It is one of the most common cancers found in infants and young children, and it is one of the most aggressive childhood cancers known. Read on below to find out more about Charlotte’s journey.


Photo by Nashelle. Get your own GRACE necklace today and help contribute this little warrior’s fight! Click here to shop:

All photos provided by Nashelle &

All photos provided by Nashelle &


About Charlotte Grace

Charlotte Grace was born April 11, 2012 at 8 lbs 4.5 oz and 20.5″. She has always been a very healthy, active little girl. In her first three years of life, she may have been on antibiotics once. She was diagnosed with high risk stage 4 Neuroblastoma on May 23rd, 2015.  After 18 months of age, the chance of relapse is very high. Neuroblastoma most commonly starts in the tissue of the adrenal glands. It is a rare disease in which a solid tumor is formed by special nerve cells called neuroblasts. Normally, these immature cells grow and mature into functioning nerve cells. But in neuroblastoma, they become cancer cells. It occurs when neuroblasts grow and divide uncontrollably instead of developing into nerve cells. The exact cause of this abnormal growth is unknown, but scientists believe it’s related to a defect in the genes of a neuroblast that allows it to divide uncontrollably. About 700 new cases of neuroblastoma are diagnosed each year in the United States.

To support Charlotte and her family, join Nashelle by purchasing one of these beautiful handmade pieces. Click here to purchase your own Nashelle Graced by Charlotte necklace. 100% of net profits will go directly to help Charlotte. How can all you help? Follow her story on Facebook or Instagramget updates from her family and share their story.

All photos courtesy of Nashelle 

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