Cause of the Day: Falling Whistles, investing in the Congo one whistle at a time

February 14, 2014

While on a search for new Tom’s t-shirts, I came across Falling Whistles’ Facebook page and couldn’t stop reading. The idea behind the Falling Whistles brand and campaign is the initiative to improve the quality of life in the Congo and to make small changes to better the lives of the Congolese people one day at a time. The Falling Whistles team works directly with nine local Congolese entrepreneurs/partners to build a coalition to end the war in Congo. Visit the Falling Whistles’ site here: to read about each of the entrepreneurs and their causes.


The background behind FW goes back to 2008 when the founders met 5 young boys in eastern Congo. They were former child-soldiers held in a military camp and one boy told his story of how children were sent to the frontlines during the wartime and because they were so small and could not carry weapons, they were sent with only a whistle.

And from that story, the symbol behind Falling Whistles was born. For the last five years, the Falling Whistles team has been working to build an awareness campaign behind the initiative to stop the war in the Congo. The signature Falling Whistles necklaces are available for purchase at the online store, where proceeds from the whistles as well as donations help contribute to this cause and directly help the Congolese partners. To purchase a Falling Whistle necklace, please visit: FW prices range from $38.00-58.00 USD. Visit the Whistleblowers page to see the individuals supporting this great initiative:



To get more information on the Falling Whistles story and see an in-depth timeline of accomplishments, please check out the site:

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