Savvy Startups: Ethio Sky Summer Sarongs Give Beauty & Give Back

  There’s this great Chinese proverb, “women hold up half the sky,” that image comes to mind when I think about sharing the Ethio Sky story with you. It all starts with Lori Precious (yes, that is her real last name), Ethio Sky founder, who spent most of her childhood growing up in the eastern […]

Savvy Startups: Beyond US reinvents California cool

California style isn’t just about adding a casual flare or “dressing down” your wardrobe.  As an East Coast transplant, it’s easy to make a blanket statement or judgement that West Coast folks dress “way too casual” (to the other transplants: don’t act like you haven’t thought that exact thought!) But after almost six years of […]

Savvy Start-Ups: Chu&Chu Collection’s Ethical Elegance

One of my newest fashion for a cause obsessions is Chu&Chu Collection, a beautiful women’s head wear line from Croatia. Martina and Iva are a thoughtful and creative sister duo that put their hearts and minds together to dream up a stylish accessories line dedicated to helping provide jobs for unemployed female workers. By joining […]

Savvy Startups: 1:Face Changing the world 1 watch at a time

Three years ago, Ralphie Lega decided to leave the literary teaching world to pursue a long term career to help build the 1:Face watch brand. As a writer and teacher who wears Warby Parker, Proof Eyewear and owns State Bags, Lega already had the foundation of a social entrepreneur’s heart and style. He is inspired […]

Savvy Startups: Ammunition Jewelry’s bullets have passion with purpose

What do you get when you take two best friends from Texas, move them to LA and combine their passion for giving back with a talent of jewelry-making? You get five fabulous collections of unique necklaces made from raw bullet shells paired with one of a kind gemstones that make a difference and remind you […]

Savvy Startups: Weekend Casual, Smart & Stylish Menswear that Gives Back

  There are two things I love more than puppies, and those two things would be men AND fashion (okay, maybe a third- pizza)… Now combine the two and you have menswear fashion, one of my favorite topics relating to style. Shoes are great and haute couture dresses are pretty, but if it were up […]

Savvy Startups: Help The Tote Project end human trafficking

Fashion, friendship and activism is the core of what The Tote Project stands for. Fay Grant and Michelle Fergason founded The Tote Project because they believe that there is hope for the millions of victims of modern day slavery and they want help survivors pursue their dreams. For the two friends The Tote Project is a […]