Retail Focus: Eco-Friendly JORD Wood Watches are Stylish & Sustainable

Being on time is something that I’ve always struggled with since I was in high school. I set my all watches and clocks 10-15 minutes early so I could be on time. Even now as an adult, I’m still working on it. I’m much better now and although I don’t need to set my clocks […]

Retail Focus: Half United’s Fashionable Fight to End Hunger

Editor’s Note: Giving back to feed hunger is nothing new. In fact, as Americans we should know the importance of fighting hunger and also the increasing need to help stomp out hunger. According to Feeding America, 1 in 7 people (adults and children) in the United States struggle with hunger. At House of G&C, wearing fashion […]

Retail Focus: The Giving Keys x Love is Louder Launch New Key

The Giving Keys is a brand that never ceases to amaze me. Every year the brand releases must-have new styles and new colors, and with a wonderful “pay it forward” messaged ingrained in its’ foundation, it’s hard not to boast about the brand and encourage every single person I know to own one…or five. Caitlin […]

Retail Focus: HGC x RonRobinson, Jeremy Scott’s Exclusive LA Shoe Launch and Made in America Favorites

  Buying local seems like it could be a challenge, but at LA’s iconic RonRobinson, it’s actually a piece of cake. With an outstanding collection of gorgeous goods from all around the world, one would think that everything costs hundreds of dollars and is made in factories overseas. But one of the many reasons why […]

Retail Focus: Fortress of Inca Puts People First

I’m excited to introduce a new HGC-approved brand, Fortress of Inca, a footwear company based out of Austin, TX that is dedicated to sustainable production, intricate design and putting their employees at the top of their business priorities. Fortress of Inca is a fashion for good company that puts people and perfecting the process first. In 2004, founder Evan Streusand discovered […]

Retail Focus: Lesouque Breaks Up with Black Friday

  In America, and this week particularly, it is the time when many consumers start preparing for holiday shopping, holiday travel and all other things that mean celebrating time with their loved ones. But overseas, this is simply a time of working longer hours for young girls and they get no real benefits or extra […]

Retail Focus: Krochet Kids perfect an everyday basic

I fell in love with the Krochet Kids brand awhile ago when I first got the LOVE Africa Tee and featured it in last year’s House of G&C Fall 2014 Photo Shoot.  It’s time for fall and I can’t think of a better way to shop for fall basics than to start with a couple […]

Retail Focus: HGC x RonRobinson, Father’s Day Gifting & Beer After Work

I’m always excited to share new brands, fun finds and of course any amazing individuals that I meet along my adventure-filled journey. Since moving to LA in 2010, I’ve discovered many cool boutiques, pop-up shops and warehouse sales, but one of my favorite discoveries is the RonRobinson brand, an independent retailer with two LA locations […]

Retail Focus: Celebrate Earth Day with EthicalBox

  At House of G&C, we believe it should really be Earth Day every day. But sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what it is that we can do as individuals to make a difference to help save the environment, give back to our communities and know what it means to be ethical […]

Retail Focus: Predicting a Fashion for Good Future

I remember the first time I went to Las Vegas for work- it was hectic, hot, and overwhelming.  At the age of 21, I was super lucky to be able to fly from New York to Las Vegas to work the biggest retail trade show around the globe, the MAGIC Trade Show. I was interning at Global […]

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