Beauty for Thought: Get glam with GLOSS Moderne’s Gorgeous Lux Haircare

October 08, 2016

Editor’s Note: A couple years ago, I discovered GLOSS Moderne at one of my favorite HGC-approved retailers, RonRobinson and to this day have remained a huge fan of this all-natural brand from Newport Beach, CA.  The products smell delicious, they are safe for you AND for the earth, and leave your hair feeling silky soft. Below our Beauty Editor Jacqueline tries out the line and shares what she loves most about it.

Staying ultra sleek and super chic with GLOSS Moderne

By Jacqueline Fernandez

It’s fall season, and thanks to the summer sun and my dyed hair, it’s not a good combo. No matter how much you love the beach and sunshine, it can wreak havoc on your hair.  However, choosing an amazing hair care product can be quite a task. GLOSS Moderne is a luxurious, conscious beauty line that not only keeps your hair healthy, but your whole body. It’s sulfate-free, sodium chloride-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free.  This hair care company not only wants to give people a safer alternative, but they also give back via partnership with nature preservation-focused non-profit,  Conservation International.

Photo by J Fernandez for HGC

Photo by J Fernandez for HGC

Knowledge is power! Even if you’re a skeptic, any extra information a company can give you about themselves is always a plus. I’m a fan of transparency. GLOSS Moderne has a page on their website explaining the science behind their products and the problems with these common chemicals. Parabens and sulfates have been linked to cause cancer and sadly many brands on the market still contain them. You can read more about it here

Founder and CEO Kuen Rameson started the company in 2011. A former wealth manager she decided to follow her passion and launch her own beauty line.  On top of having a safe, ethical product she wanted her packaging to be esthetically pleasing.  Honestly, I think she accomplished it; the simple, white container is quite cool.

Now let’s get to it!  The first thing that struck me was the scent. The high-gloss shampoo and conditioner smell SO good.  According to their site, their signature fragrance, Coco de Soleil was created by “one of the most high acclaimed global fragrance houses.”

vegan kit

It’s a mixture of coconut, rum and vanilla. It reminded me of Laura Mercier’s Coconut Milk Honey Bath.  A relaxing, warm and soothing scent that smells like summer. Perfection! The shampoo doesn’t lather because it doesn’t contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These chemicals produce a lot of foam. Most of us have been conditioned to think if it doesn’t foam then it’s not working. Well, that’s totally not true.

My scalp feels much cleaner since I’ve been using the high-gloss shampoo. The moment I put it on it tingled and I immediately felt my scalp feel less heavy. It washes out all the build up. I’m also prone to scalp breakouts and it’s decreased significantly. Once I wash the shampoo out, I apply the high-gloss conditioner. I just put it on the bottom half of my hair. If not, conditioners make my scalp oily in a day. I wait about 3 minutes to wash it out.  My results are sleek, soft hair. Hooray!

Photo by J Fernandez

Photo by J Fernandez for HGC

High Gloss Serum that smoothes and adds shine

Another plus is that I can air dry my hair and my waves look hydrated and tamed! Usually, it’s just a frizzy mess. This helps save time when I’m on the go.

The GLOSS Moderne serum is the perfect way to finish your routine. I don’t add hairspray or any other finishing product, which equals to less build up! Whether I keep my hair a la natural or straighten it, this gloss keeps my hair looking fabulous.

If your hair needs an extra bit of love, the hair mask is a must try. The High-Gloss Masque can be used daily or weekly. Just massage into your rinsed hair, leave it in for about 5 minutes and rinse. Voila! This popular product works wonders and it revitalizes my split ends.

Prices for GLOSS Moderne products range from $45-195 USD. Want more information or buy this HGC-approved line? Click here to shop GLOSS Moderne’s luxury hair care. Or want to check it out in person for yourself? If you live in LA County or Orange County, make sure to stop by RonRobinson Melrose or RonRobinson Santa Monica.


All photos courtesy of GLOSS Moderne unless otherwise noted

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