AroundTown LA: House of G&C’s NEW Fashion for Good Store on Larchmont

  Updated 9/3/18 Many great ideas start with just a tiny seed. All you have to do is give it a little water and some love, and who knows what it can turn into? In 2013, I was sitting at a coffee shop on Beverly Boulevard typing up blog ideas, brainstorming how I could start […]

Fall/Holiday Photo Shoot 2017: Heavy Metals for the Holidays

    Editor’s Note: What a year 2017 has been! Life has been full of ups and downs, but mostly things to be excited about. Between desparately hunting for a new apartment in LA to getting this new apartment and working on new creative endeavors, the blog took a little bit of a break from summer […]

Word of Mouth: HGC x Charity Girl Problems, Every Day Picks Stop Hunger in Style

Editor’s Note:  It’s August, and the summer weather of Los Angeles is still upon us and guess what? We’re definitely not complaining! This month’s Word of Mouth HGC x Charity Girl Problems column features some of Brooke’s (and my) favorite brands that look good, do good AND give back too fight hunger. For fun summertime […]

Savvy Startups: Ethio Sky Summer Sarongs Give Beauty & Give Back

  There’s this great Chinese proverb, “women hold up half the sky,” that image comes to mind when I think about sharing the Ethio Sky story with you. It all starts with Lori Precious (yes, that is her real last name), Ethio Sky founder, who spent most of her childhood growing up in the eastern […]

Summer Photo Shoot 2017: Gorgeous GIRL POWER, Found in the City

Editor’s Note: Life is good. Since the last shoot I know you guys probably had a hunch that I was a little in love with the continent of Africa. Well, since then, my connection to the continent has only grown stronger and my journey with my House of G&C fashion for good blog has propelled my […]

Retail Pioneers: Kate Spade Empowers Women, On Purpose

  The Kate Spade namesake was always a household name while I was growing up. From the posh and pretty satchels to the funky and flirty trend styles, I’ve simply always been a fan. Now as an adult, I celebrate this brand because Kate Spade (Founder Kate Brosnahan) is from my hometown of Kansas City, […]

Designer GOODS: Denik’s Army of Activist Artists Changing the World

I grew up as a restaurant kid, spending most of my days after school sketching in notebooks and writing short stories. Sometimes I would sketch in my make believe house made of cardboard boxes in the office, or sometimes I would sit on the steel kitchen counters in the back and draw on paper plates […]

AroundTown KC: Retro Classics & Fine Lines at Kansas City Fashion Week F/W ’17

Editors Note: This year the Kansas City Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter ’17 Collections can be summed up simply by one of my favorite Coco Chanel quotes, ”Fashion changes, but style endures.”  Every year, as Kansas City Fashion Week continues to grow, I find myself fascinated with awe. This year’s Fall/Winter ’17 collections were full of all the right pieces. […]

Giving Back: Shop #HGCGivesBack Digital Pop-Up for Education

  Every year of working on this blog has been incredibly rewarding for me and I’m relentlessly grateful for all the people I’ve met, opportunities I’ve gotten and new brands that I’ve discovered throughout this journey. For 2017, I’m really inspired to live a great story and help take the blog and ( #HGCgivesback pop-ups) […]

Cause of the Day: Stitch Tees That Speak out Against Silence

A simple orange Stitch serves as a purposeful reminder that every voice matters.  Choosing to wear this handmade Stitch on your shirt, hat, bag, or jacket shows that you want to support Speak Your Silence, a non-profit dedicated to conquering the stigma of child sexual abuse. Speak Your Silence was founded in 2012 and has grown […]

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