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Melissa with her rescue dogs, Vinny and Stevie in 2014 

About the Founder

Melissa Wong founded House of Gratia et Caritas in November 2013 to provide tasteful coverage of charitable companies that give back fashionably. The name, House of Gratia et Caritas comes from Melissa’s love of Latin; ‘Gratia’ meaning grace and thankfulness and ‘Caritas’ meaning charity. Melissa has a Conscious Style column through Conscious Magazine that can be found here.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Melissa cultivated her love for fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology, and fine-tuned her journalistic voice at various indie music magazines in New York City. With a wealth of experience in the fashion, print and Internet industries, Melissa spent time at TimeOut NY, Details Magazine, BlackBook Magazine, Parenting Magazine, NBCUniversal, IAC, Fashion Snoops, American Music Press, Nordstrom, WFM Magazine, Fred Segal and Urban Outfitters in various capacities.

She is inspired by her friends who are artists, musicians, designers, writers, and cultural collaborators from East Coast to West Coast. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her two Saving SPOT! rescues Vinny and Stevie. She currently freelances as a social media fashion photographer, fashion stylist to Hollywood celebrity clientele and is working on her first print version of 365 Days of #HGCApproved Style.

About House of G&C’s Look Good, Do Good and Give Back Lifestyle

Melissa’s love for indie music, fashion, the arts and charity work has made House of Gratia Caritas the perfect platform for her to inspire and motivate her readers to venture out and help small and big businesses alike with their charitable causes.  In 2014, Melissa was a contributing West Coast editor for FELIX Magazine, a division of The Aparecio Foundation, NFP, and currently serves on the Millennial Council/Advisory Board for DesignedGiving, and Conscious Magazine‘s LA Host committee. She has interviewed a variety of look good, do good and give back founders, cultural icons and philanthropists including Kathy Ireland, Nicole Richie, and Hilly Krystal. Last year, Melissa became an editorial contributor of Conscious STYLE content for Conscious Magazine. Read her first House of Gratia et Caritas interview by Conscious Magazine Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Rachael Baxter-Lechliter here.


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Conscious Magazine's Biggest Gift Guide, 2014  Photo courtesy of Conscious Magazine

Conscious Magazine’s Biggest Gift Guide, 2014
Photo courtesy of Conscious Magazine


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“Many people ask me what I have learned from all of the experiences in my life, and I say unhesitatingly: People are wonderful. It is true. People really are wonderful.”- Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“As you get older, you will discover that helping other people achieve their dreams is the secret not only of success, but of happiness.” – Charles Osgood